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The Sixth Sense




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The Sixth Sense is about a boy who sees ghosts of people who die unhappy.

This movie has a really strange flavor and feel about it. I was warned to pay attention from the very start or you will will miss what's really going on till the very end and spend hours thinking back about it.

This is a don't miss for me, with a clever script and a forceful, clever ending. But you should like ghost stories!

The Sixth Sense is a slow and disjointed film, but it's this deliberate pacing that makes it so eerie, creating the same kind of psychological terror as this year's Blair Witch Project.

It's not so much what you see as much as what you don't. And despite a twist ending that came as no surprise to me, it's a story that could have been told in half the time.

The Sixth Sense is a spooky, twisty ghost story about a boy who is haunted by the walking dead. He sees dead people all around him all the time, and the most distressing thing is, as the boy says, "They don't know they're dead."

I can relate to this unsettling spook movie about dead things. I see dead hair all around me, all the time. Hair, hair, hair.

Maybe Bruce Willis, who plays a psychologist in this film, could help me too, as he did his co-star (11-year-old Joel Osment), who did an outstanding job of acting in this picture. I think he deserves an Oscar for his performance.

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