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Bringing out the Dead




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Bringing out he Dead touches on subjects that deal with down-and-out people. Nicolas Cage plays Frank Pierce, an E.M. ambulance driver who picks up 911 calls off NYC's alleys, dingy apartment buildings, and scummy neighborhoods.

This movie brings home the grim reality pretty fast. You won't like what you're seeing, and won't feel comfortable watching.

But I found this film very entertaining and enjoyed the many characters with all their many stories.

Nicolas Cage plays a paramedic working the graveyard shift in NYC. He must deal with cardiac arrest, drug overdoses, and an occasional childbirth, but it also means dealing with the ghosts of those he could not save.

He's sleep deprived and uses alcohol and caffeine to stay alive--no wonder he's hallucinating!

Directed well, but to what end? Midnight to dawn in the City is as seedy as it gets.

Bringing out the Dead is a hair-raising story of a NYC paramedic who's haunted by the image of a girl he couldn't save.

The star struggles to maintain his sanity through a busy, bloody three-day graveyard weekend shift.

The characters in this picture are very shocking, and almost all seemed to need some kind of therapy--either mental or medical.

There are serious questions about life. The movie is about mercy killing.

Nicolas Cage shows off his entire range as an actor--from wild man to sensitive soul--a great talent!

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