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Man on the Moon takes a look into the short life of Andy Kaufman.

Kaufman was regarded by fans as a comic genius, and by others as an out-of-control lunatic. Jim Carey imitates Kaufman almost perfectly, and gives us the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

Don't miss this entertaining movie, where Academy Award nominations are warranted.

Fans adored him, critics hated him, but whatever you think about Andy Kaufman, this Milos Foreman bio-pic is extraordinary, with an outstanding performance by Jim Carey.

It scans the life of Andy Kaufman, and asks the question, was he a comic genius of a tasteless prankster? It also makes the point that humor is subjective.

As far as who was the the real Andy Kaufman? That you must judge for yourself.

In the last 30 minutes of this film biography of the late comedian, Andy Kaufman, the story becomes that of a mystery man with a serious health problem that nobody believes, because he was so skillful at the art of deception and illusion.

The picture turns sentimental as he sings to his girlfriend on his sickbed, "Oh Rose Marie, I Love You."

(Sings a few lines of the song with ukelele accompaniment.)

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