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 Gene in his chair

 Gordy in his chair

Gene's Barber Shop is located at 610 Lighthouse Avenue in beautiful downtown Pacific Grove.

The block where Gene and Gordy do their snipping and reviewing hasn't changed much since the 1930s. There's been a barbershop on the block for generations. Here is a view of Lighthouse Avenue in the days when moviegoers at the Grove Theatre were just getting used to that new gimmick, sound:

Lighthouse Avenue in the 1930s
Photo courtesy The Pat Hathaway Collection

The Grove Theatre is no more, but there is still a barbershop on the block!

Gene, Gordy, and Snick
                        at the barbershop The review started as informal in-house remarks about the movies that the brothers saw. Eventually, a tally board with the title "Barber Poll" was added. This board still hangs in the shop, and has a similar set up to the tallies on these pages.
There's a photo of each of the guys, and lots of movable plastic barber-scissor icons. There's room for seven or so titles. As the debates got hotter, Snick was asked to be the tie-breaker.

A press release was sent out with the ratings from the board, and a local news station, KSBW, did a story about the shop. The next thing you know, these guys are on the air. They've been at it over five years and have won a local broadcasting award for the station.

If you're in the Monterey / Santa Cruz area, check it out Live at Five on Monday nights. KSBW is the local NBC affiliate, and is on channel 8.

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