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Bowfinger is a funny, silly, witty movie about making movies.

It's been done before--a film within a film.

Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy provide just the right touch to make this a solid, entertaining movie with big belly laughs right to the end.

It's 90 minutes of amusing satire and fun. I enjoyed this one a lot!

Bowfinger tries very hard to be a film that skewers Hollywood--but the best take-off doesn't come until the end of the film.

Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy work well together, but the film comes off more as an homage to Ed Wood than the Hollywood BBQ it strived to be.

Martin does give a great tip o' the hat to ex-girlfriend Ann Heche.

Steve Martin is back with his wild-and-crazy-guy flick work, this time as actor and as screenwriter. He plants some wicked barbs in Hollywood rear ends about creative financing of movies and the insanity and dumb luck involved in picture making.

Martin goes to hilarious extremes to film Eddie Murphy's action hero role. His script is a cutting, satirical valentine to Hollywood, sugar-coated with laughs--a pure genius setup that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. These two M&Ms are a handful in the last five minutes.

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