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Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber

Gene Allen is a fixture of Pacific Grove. The barbershop he shares with his brother, Gordy, is lined with the traditional trappings of tonsorial splendor. Walk past the porcelain and glass electric barber pole and you've stepped into a piece of Americana that never grows old.

Gene's steel guitar-playing prowess probably grew from his association with Smiley Burnette, one of filmdom's famous Western sidekicks.

Gene also plays the clarinet, holds a pilot's license, has worked as a private detective, collects barber memorabilia, and absolutely loves movies.

Snick Farkas' art attracts attention whenever it's exhibited. He is perhaps best known in the art world for his 3-D representations of roadside America and homages to pop culture. His cartoon send-up of Pacific Grove, Colossus of Gold, can be seen in the window of Gene's Barbershop at 610 Lighthouse Avenue.

Also known as the man inside the giant lobster suit, Snick is not in fact a barber. The newscasters at KSBW, Channel 8, joking refer to him as "the sidekick."

Snick 's brain retains an uncanny amount of cinema and television trivia.


Gordy Allen's wields his scissors alongside brother Gene, and gives the best buzz-cut on the Peninsula.

An accomplished musician whose career included a tour of duty with the Air Force band, Gordy plays a number of instruments, including the banjo, ukelele, and trumpet.

Gordy is known to play a tune and croon an old standard as part of his televised review on KSBW's Live at Five news broadcast.

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