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The Hurricane




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The Hurricane is about a real-life boxer, named Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, played by Denzel Washington.

His hard life takes its hardest turn when he is convicted of robbery and murder and is sentenced to life. He wrote a book about his story, called The Sixteenth Round, which found its way into the hands of three Canadians, after 20 years in prison.

This movie is a heavy drama that follows a legal proceeding with a verdict that gives the audience what they expect, and shows loneliness as no film has ever captured it.

Denzel Washington turns in an Oscar-caliber performance as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a man falsely accused of crimes he did not commit.

Railroaded by the authorities and trapped within a corrupt system, he must hide within himself to survive the three consecutive life sentences thrust upon him.

Trying his best to tell his side of the story, he writes a book--later to be read by his redeemer, the young Lesra Martin.

A well-acted story of love and how it can overcome hate and injustice.

The Hurricane is a fairly accurate true story of Rubin Carter's life (with the rougher edges of his personality sanded away.

The middleweight boxer has served half of his adult life in prison after being framed in the 60s for a triple murder he did not commit.

This is a touching and haunting moral tale of survival, of how a man wills himself through the crazy ordeal of being presumed, in America, to be a criminal.

Denzel Washington, the star, is the eye of this hurricane story. He gives a full-force hurricane performance, and he should win the best actor Oscar, in my view.

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