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Well, I'm going to tell you how to enjoy this movie. Take your kids, grand kids, any kids you like, set them in the front row of the theater, then get the heck out of there.

I didn't do that. This craze has reached the level of an almost religious cult among the younger set. So learn all you can about these little critters, and you won't feel left out and a lot smarter. Then just pick them up.

Seeing Pokemon is like having your kids take you on vacation--you'll wonder why it's taking so long and why you're not there yet.

Unfunny, uninspired, and uninteresting--your kids will love it!

Only 150 more trips to the theater and I'll have a complete set of trading cards.

The one thing I found to have some redeeming value in the Pokemon movie for kids, is when Ask Ketchum, a human Pokemon trainer, steps in to break up a battle between two of the most powerful Pokemons, named Mew and his bad-guy clone, Mew Two. The result is that Ash the human trainer is knocked lifeless, creating a sadness and a river of tears from all 150 Pokemon characters. The tears flow into his body and bring him back to life. I think kids will like the satisfying ending, where good wins out over evil monster madness.

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