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The Green Mile




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The Green Mile takes place around 1935 in a prison environment, with a touch of Stephen King's supernatural twists. This is a story with miracles, even on Death Row.

It's told almost entirely in flashbacks, about 3 hours in fact. But I didn't mind the length; it worked for me.

With an outstanding cast, it's seriously sad, uplifting, and funny.

Yes, it's the same director, using a Stephen King story to make another motion picture about a prison--but if you think you're going to see another Shawshank Redemption, you couldn't be more wrong.

In fact, this is more like the flip side of Shawshank: Shawshank dealt with prison life, people waiting out their time. The Green Mile deals with Death Row and the fact that life ends. Shawshank dealt with brutality and redemption, while The Green Mile deals with compassion and hope.

It's an unusual motion picture that gives you plenty of time to know everyone. Well written, well acted, and well worth seeing.

The Green Mile has a big musical score: here's a couple of heavenly songs from the movie (plays Star Dust and Dancing Cheek to Cheek).

The film has a big miracle man who creates at least three divine healings. The cast is big and good. The story is big and long and shocking, perhaps the most horrifying execution scene ever filmed.

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