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Mickey Blue Eyes




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Mickey Blue Eyes just didn't work all the way for me.

Not that it was all bad: it had good acting, with some good, funny parts and real mob-type underworld characters that I liked a lot.

But I feel I've seen most of this in other films, like Analyze This. In other words, nothing new or fresh to offer.

Mickey Blue Eyes is sort of Married to the Mob meets Analyze This. And that's exactly what's wrong with it--it's so much like other movies that it produces nothing fresh.

It's funny but vacuous. Do you think Hollywood will ever find its writers?

This mob comedy misses the target and is short on laugh lines, trying to blend comedy and drama.

The star has trouble being funny in a movie with dead bodies. The plot complications are labored, clumsy, and unconvincing. The tensions concocted between the stars wind up as empty gestures, and--in my opinion--are not interesting or funny.

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