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Blair Witch Project




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Who cares if you think you can't get lost in the back hills of Maryland? It's a fictional movie about a local legend, the Blair Witch.

This movie will play havoc entirely in your head, and in the heads of the characters in it.

What we experience is the collapse of sanity and control, and fear takes over.

 What's the hot ticket this year? Well it's not Star Wars or Eyes Wide Shut, but it's just as over-hyped--and not by commercials but by word of mouth and a computer home page.

The Blair Witch Project is an impressive independent feature, but the scariest movie ever made? I think not!

A great first effort whose cinema verite is creating a legend of its own. See it for yourself--if you dare!

 I think the Blair Witch Project is a deception. The film leaves more questions than it answers, including what happened.

The spooky thing is, most people speaking out on line have yet to see the horror flick.

The only true fear lies in what's not shown. The thing that's scary about this low-budget picture is the amount of money it's made so far, with a chance to become the most profitable movie of all time. Now that's brilliant marketing!

I became nauseated and tired of one-and-a-half hours of vibrating, shaky hand-held camera work.

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