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Guest model Lilith sports the Linsky look.

Thanks to Picket Fence Knits' Jana Deck
for these instructions on how to knit
a scarf like Jenny's for your own cat.

To make scarf:
Use some nice lightweight red yarn (at the store it will be called sportweight or 2 fine). and size 6 needles. This project should take a little less than one standard size skein of yarn.

Now, cast on 17 stitches. Work in garter stitch (that means knit every row) until the scarf is long enough for your cat. (My cat needs about 32 inches.) Bind off all stitches--you're almost done!

To make pom poms (6, of course!):
Put your first two fingers together and wrap the yarn around them approximately 30 times. Carefully take them off your fingers and, with a seperate piece of yarn, tie the bundle together in the middle. Tie it as tightly as you can. Now Trim the ends until it forms a nice little ball.

To attach the pom poms:
Use a crochet hook and put it into the edge of the scarf. Pull the yarn through and chain 4 or 5 times. Then attach the pom poms.

Now your cat has a scarf, just like Jenny Linsky's!

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