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First let me say, Zookeeper has no redeeming qualities -- and you won't believe how unfunny it is.

This just might be one of the worst talking animal bombs of the year.

Some of the physical production is mediocre, but the urban landscape behind the zoo looks like a cheap backdrop.

Zookeeper is a dismal family comedy that even the children will find difficult to swallow.
Kevin James may have been the King of Queens, but here he's just another victim of bad scripting, which is unfortunate since he is one of the five credited screenwriters.

He plays a lovesick masochist who can't get over a relationship that ended five years earlier, and he's SO desperate he starts taking advice from the caged animals he curates.

Did I mention the animals talk?

Keep your expectations low.
Zookeeper is a highly imaginative foolish action comedy starring Kevin James as the title character, whose love life gets a helping hand from the talking animals in his care.

Most all the scenes involving animals with celebrity voices are shrill,  noisy, and cluttered with sound which is too excitable to be humorous.

The movie is a mess; subplots develop and die without a point and with very little resolution.

This is one painful excuse for a family friendly film.

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