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X MEN 2:




Gene the Barber

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I think X-Men 2 surpassed the original by delivering staggering explosions, computer-generated special effects, and bone-crushing stunts.

While I feel it had a few too many characters and the story ran a tad too long, it had enough cool characters and outstanding set pieces to make you sit tight through the dull bits, and tolerate most of the superficial silliness.

I was not disappointed and am waiting for the next high-powered sequel. You're in for some fun with this one.

Now that the origin is out of the way, the X-men are back in true comic book form.

This time, there is no madman bent on world destruction, just the survival of the X-men.

The plot is a little episodic, trying to show off each of the mutants' special talents; however performances are solid and the plot becomes incidental once the bullets start flying and bad guys attack.

Yes, the X-men are united, but where does Wolverine get that goofy haircut?

The Second Coming of the superhero blockbuster X-men has a good chance to top the first, which grossed $157 million domestically.

The story picks up where the first movie ended: the mutant humans fight for their place in a future society, and then it becomes a fun thrill ride that heroically surpasses the original.

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