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What Women Want




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Nick Marshall, played by Mel Gibson, receives the temporary ability to read women's minds, and also to steal ideas from his creative advertising director, played by Helen Hunt, in order to take over her job.

This movie will tickle your funny bone over and over.

The sci-fiction part is important to make a believable, fun story. So don't let that bother you, and enjoy a sexy, sassy, racy, spicy, romantic story.

Mel Gibson is terrific as the male chauvinistic ad exec who can hear what women think.

He must deal with his estranged daughter, a suicidal co-worker, and a new conquest (not to mention the thoughts of every women in Chicago).

Will he get the new ad campaign done in time? You bet, and still have plenty of time to fall in love with his new boss, Helen Hunt.

This naughty-and-nice romantic comedy takes on the charm and humor of a date flick after you accept the shock that the male star has the ability to hear everything women are thinking.

I like the way the humor was injected throughout What Women Want, giving the film a warm and happy feeling.

The lyrics to the many romantic songs in the movie kind of make a guy want to be a better man--especially with the acting help of Helen Hunt, who has accomplished this in the past for more than one super star.

Now it's Mel Gibson's turn to be adorned by her charms.

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