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X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets knocked off all its pins in this new adventure.

The dialog smothers any potential fun with cliches -- insulting at times, feeling like the actors are just reading their lines.

But it's a joy to watch Jackman bring the role to life again. He seems more energized than ever, slicing everything in his path.

But he can hold most of this together for a visual feast for all his die-hard fans.

Watch out for his claws -- they pop out 100 times.

It's a satisfying lunacy..

Ever since the reinventing of Batman, dark origins have been all the rage.

This one starts out well enough, but quickly turns into a formula action film with CGI as the star.

There is no tension here, since our hero is indestructible and we know he lives long enough for three sequels.

As always, the battle between good and evil (or brother against brother) is the main drive, but has the plot flip-flopping from scene to scene.

As origins go, this one is okay, but as a movie, it could use a lot of work.

X-Men Origins, featuring the Wolverine, is made as a franchise extender and has now revealed the psychological mind activities of the famous out-of-control rage that has caused the lead star's angry super hero to expose his extremely hard claws, like he has in three previous X-Men movies.

I didn't take this revenge story very seriously, I just was content enough to enjoy my popcorn and admire the unusual talents of a group of freaks and geeks who find enjoyment in combining their misunderstood comic book powers.

The star, Hugh Jackman, works the film like a company of actors.

Heroes and bad guys clash, then rise up to fight again just because that's what X-Men do.

It's a real blockbuster of mutants and maniacs.

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