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Winged Migration




Gene the Barber

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I thought, well just another nature film of birds flying. I can see that on the History Channel.

But Winged Migration looks at a variety of natural and manmade hazards birds face in the course of their annual trek across this big planet.

It's a photographic marvel that took three years to film and involved 14 cameramen; 17 pilots, gliders, hot air balloons, and remote-controlled aircraft.

If you ever wished you could fly, you'll feel as if you have.

Try not to miss this one.

The most spectacular film of this summer has no big stars and contains absolutely no special effects.

To top it off, it was nominated for an Academy Award, a year ago.

Winged Migration takes you to a place you've never been before, a place where you can soar with the birds.

It's documentary filmmaking like you've never seen it before, up close and personal.

This film is like going on vacation away from all the hype of the summer blockbuster movies.

At first it seemed like an ordinary bird flick, but quickly transcends into a superior and vital nourishing experience.

This mesmerizing Oscar-nominated documentary is real.

The director, working with a brigade of film crews over a number of years, in seven continents, put together a beautiful and detailed celebration of migratory birds.

Plain and simple, reality dazzles us in a world filled with wordless marvels of nature.

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