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Secret Window




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You can tell Johnny Depp was having fun with this role. It takes you along for a dark, suspenseful ride through some creepy-crawling moments and captures the wintry mood of a small town in upstate New York.

The story allows strong clues for its surprise ending, but still manages an element of shock and awe. It has that Stephen King feel to it.

I enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance and his ability to bring out all of the script's humor.

Need I say more?

As if writer's block wasn't enough, a plagiarized short story from the past comes back to haunt Johnny Depp in Secret Window, a low-key Stephen King thriller that's not quite what it seems to be.

Infidelity, a mysterious stranger, and a murder or two finally help this this angst-ridden writer to write the ending. We knew he'd write it from the very beginning--predictable, but well handled.

Secret Window is a wacky writer's block thriller, a one-twist movie about what all work and no play can do to the Jacks & Jills of the world, and the notions of real life being stranger than fiction.

Johnny Depp gives a complete performance, a near one-man show that involves the unraveling of lives after a nasty divorce.

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