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Whiteout takes place in an American scientific outpost in Antarctica.

There's a few times it had you the edge of your seat, but most of the sequences were virtually impossible to follow and tell who's who or where they're going in many of those hard-to-see-through blizzard fight scenes.

To be fair, there's no supernatural or sci-fiction scary creatures whatsoever.

When the film finishes, you'll say to yourself, "Is that it?"

Then the mystery falls apart the moment you think about it.

The Antarctic is a lonely, desolate place, so when a murder happens, what's a Marshall to do?

Well, get off her duff and take plane trips from one desolate outpost to another. And answer these three questions:

-- Who's fighting whom out there in the blizzard?

-- When will these ridiculous flashbacks ever stop?

-- And does anyone really care?

The movie Whiteout is a gory murder mystery set in Antarctica.

The problem I had with this film is that the tale itself is lacking in the script and everything takes place in such a cold, barren atmosphere that it seems to chill any possible sense of fear or excitement.

The four screenwriters have discharged a large amount of nonsense with laughable dialogue.

The bottom line is you can't tell the good guys from the bad when everyone involved is wearing big, puffy parkas with furry hoods and goggles.

This is one wicked arrangement of bad weather conditions in the blind, whirling snow.

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