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Whatever It Takes




Gene the Barber

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This is as close to a nothing movie as I've ever seen: no one to like, no one to care about, not much humor that works, and a message that all teenage movies have.

That message is be yourself, don't copy everybody, and do something original. If only the film had followed its own advice.

To sum it all up, I'd call it teens in heat or raging teen hormones. Get the picture?

Whatever It Takes is a pointless, dull, and highly unoriginal teen comedy whose outcome can be viewed in the first five minutes.

The message? To be cool, be yourself. And if you ever go looking for your true heart's desire, try looking at the girl next door. Romance is always hiding in the most obvious places.

Whatever It Takes, avoid this teenage romantic comedy. The film doesn't even bother to hint at why certain characters are attracted to certain others.

The movie has the unusually odd logical arrangement of everyone wants sex, but only the bad kids actually do it.

The young male star is pulled into bed (at least twice) by the prettiest girl in school, but her personality keeps him from consummating the act. Anyone who thinks that a teenage boy could be so hung up over personality has no understanding of biology. This emotional falsehood saturates the picture.

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