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Wedding Date




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Unfortunately Wedding Date's strategy turned out with disastrous results.

The film is dull and without one good laugh. In fact, what humor exists is so lame that it challenges the notion that this is a comedy, much less a romantic comedy.
Even worst, the star and love interest have zero chemistry, which certainly makes it romantically challenged as well.

The best part of this movie is when you are leaving the theater. 'Til death do us part is the wedding cliché that fits this script to a tee.

It's Pretty Woman on Bizarro World as Debra Messing hires a male prostitute to pose as her boyfriend for her sister's wedding.

And if the flat script and clumsy directing aren't enough to drive you complete distraction, wait until you meet the parents.

This romantic comedy lacks wit, charm, romance, and--oh, yeah, comedy.

As bad as it sounds.

Wedding Date is about a young, pretty professional businesswoman who needs a date for her sister's upcoming wedding.

The idea that she is desperate enough to hire a male prostitute out of the New York Times as her escort was hard to believe.

I found the scrambled plot to be tasteless at times and offensive, especially when in a two-day period she falls in love with her gigolo date without one meaningful conversation about the difficulties that might come up when "love for sale" is discussed.

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