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Open Water




Gene the Barber

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With the words, "based on true events," splashed across the screen, this film starts out most unsettling and quite haunting.

Open Water manages to build up the tension as a couple go on a group charter boat scuba dive, during a vacation in Bermuda--when accidentally left behind in the open water, struggling to survive as they're carried even further out to sea, menaced by sharks, among other real dangers.

Need I say more?

This one is a real bone-chilling plunge into anything-goes storytelling.

I know a thing or two about sharks; for instance, what really happened on the set of Jaws.

Sharks are rarely given any respect in Hollywood, but in this film, Open Water, sharks are finally given the break they deserve.

Rather than being portrayed as vicious man killers, we're shown as the curious, fun-loving carnivores we really are.

Sure, humans are the stars, but where would the thrills be without those predatory fins breaking the water?

This is a reality story based on a real happening about a vacationing couple that is weirdly stranded in the middle of the ocean while scuba diving.

I think everyone has fears and issues about being abandoned and helpless. This film definitely makes that scary point.

The movie is suspenseful and frightening, and, even during moments of lulls, the sense of danger lingers.

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