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The Art of War




Gene the Barber

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The Art of War is an all-action movie from start to finish. It goes nonstop, with one plot after another, full of electronics, gadgets, devices, and tricks.

Warning: don't worry about following the plot; it moves so fast that you won't notice, and it tries to come together from time to time.

Wesley Snipes makes this movie for me, with an outstanding job.

It's full of bright colors and good-looking sets.

If you like this kind of movie (as I sure did) don't miss it.

The Art of War has everything you've grown to expect from an action film: a stupid story peppered with violence and bad guys who can't shoot straight.

But hats off to the clever editing and to the sound guys for the stereophonic bone-breaking (it's quite chilling).

Great sound--bad film!

The Art of War has so many fast edits, camera sweeps, and black and white flashes that it's hard to follow the story and hard to say for sure what the picture is all about, when all is said and done.

I thought the sound engineering in this action movie was almost too colorful and skillful for its own good. The sound attacks are so forceful that at times you forget that they're just about the only thing gripping your attention.

The film has a lot of plotting and scheming to deal with, and insanity becomes as thick (and about as exciting) as smog.

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