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Walking Tall




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Well, here's another remake.

The story strays pretty far from the basic facts of the original crusading sheriff's life, but anyway if you can look past all that and just go for the entertaining value of this no-brainer, get-even, butt-kicking movie, you could just have some fun.

Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock") has a terrific screen presence and a talent to carry an action picture.

Too bad this by-the-numbers script didn't let him prove it.

If you like vicarious violence (and who doesn't?) then you'll love Dwayne Johnson's new outing into the world of unnecessary remakes.

Taking advice from Roughrider Teddy Roosevelt, this big-stick-toting sheriff makes a formidable opponent both inside and outside of the ring.

And although it's never made exactly clear whether this is vigilante justice or just plain violent vengeance, it is pure exploitation.

The story of Walking Tall centers centers around one man's quest to clean up a small town and restore order and community pride.

Based on a real-life experience of a sheriff who took the law into his own hands out of raging frustration with a system gone rotten.

This is big-stick justice, custom tailored to fit the talents of wrestling & movie star "The Rock."

The film moves along with a mix of action and humor.

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