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The Village




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The ending of this movie might just tick off a few people, but for me--I thought it worked on many levels.

It's just about impossible to say much about this movie without spoiling the surprises. I found it suspenseful but not terrifying.

I was hoping for all the hard-core gore scares and scars, but there's still an element of the unknown. This film frightens us with its picture of people who lose faith in each other.

Good luck, scissors up for me.

M. Night Shyamalan takes us for a scary walk into the woods--a Gothic-style fairy tale full of twists, turns, romance, drama, and--of course--the ultimate surprise that has become his trademark.

It's a complex thriller filled with subtle performances that you will either love or hate, depending on your feelings of the writer/producer/director.

Is it bunyips or boogeymen? Only you can decide, when you venture beyond the borders of The Village.

The Village is a 19th-century morality tale. This devilish, dark supernatural thriller is complicated with the fear factor: fear of change, the unknown, the other & creatures.

I was disappointed in the final results of the twists and turns; it let me down at the end big time with its shrewdly calculated insanity.

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