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The Legend of Bagger Vance




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Robert Redford has a certain talent for directing this type of film.

Although it is about golf, it touches on so many things that will draw you right into the picture and hold you there.

I really liked the feeling that Redford captured of the time period and the many parts of this man's life that showed what makes him tick.

The movie was cast well, has good acting, and it left me wanting more.

The same ideology from A River Runs through It comes to rest on the golf links of Savannah, as Jedi master Will Smith explains in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

And even though the life is golf metaphor becomes a little tedious, it's hard to hate a movie that has such beautiful art direction, outstanding costuming, and a director who knows how to get top-notch performances out of top-notch actors, all in all making for an enjoyable movie-going experience.

The Legend of Bagger Vance is about a disillusioned WWI vet who returns to his native Savannah and tries to get his groove back on the golf course, with the help of his ex-girlfriend and a mystical caddy.

The film covers the turf of self-improvement, where classic American values meet inspirational salesmanship, which may come to the same thing.

The movie is about the great game of life and personal fulfillment, which may come to the same thing.

The movie is about the great game of life and personal forgiveness. Fortunately, a lot of it takes place on the golf course.

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