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Van Helsing




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If you're looking for a mile-a-minute no-brainer movie jam-packed with action scenes, hot chicks, wild beasts, midgets who look like Ewoks, and just about every monster you can think of, you might just enjoy this film. I sure did.

It's hardly a masterpiece, but knows where it's going and delivers a non-stop monster clash that's just fun.

The main thing about this kind of summer blockbuster is the roller coaster ride it puts you on.

The first half-hour of this movie is great. It doesn't take itself too seriously and pokes fun at both the James Bond and monster genres.

Unfortunately, that's where it stops. More action than horror, Van Helsing attempts to draw you away from its lack of plot by assaulting your senses with a constant stream of computer-generated images.

Hugh Jackman holds his own, but effects do not a movie make.

The movie is a 19th-century tale of an emotionally conflicted monster hunter who combats Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolfman.

The action film runs at a fast pace and doesn't slow down long enough to build relationships or character understanding.

But it's all meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

I liked the music by Alan Silvestri, with the many exciting soundtrack buildups.

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