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I've always been a vampire movie buff, and this one goes to the top of my list. Although slightly tongue in cheek, with some really disturbing moments right to the end.

It's a movie in a movie where a real vampire plays a vampire. An old movie remake, with one of the most original story twists that made this film really fun to watch.

Horror fans and movie buffs, it's a must. Go stake it out!

What is the creepiest vampire film ever made? Nosferatu!

If you have never seen this 1922 German classic film, you might not get the subtleties of this movie.

With John Malkovich portraying the director, Shadow of the Vampire explores the filming of this creepy classic.

But it is Willem Dafoe who shines as Max Schreck, film's first method actor--a man who never leaves character, because he can't.

Humorous, and almost as bizarre as the original.

It's brilliantly done.

Willem Dafoe and John Malkovich sink their teeth into Shadow of the Vampire, an impulsive, complicated constructed fantasy movie that is both a wise and scholarly tribute to the 1922 silent horror classic. Shadow of the Vampire freely reimagines behind-the-scenes battles of the 1922 German thriller and shows appreciation of the art of both silent film making and vampirism.

I found the idea of a real-life vampire playing one in a picture to be appealing in a pure-blooded, spirit of fun way.

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