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Up is a delightful story about getting old and dealing with death.

It pulls no punches in showing the misery of old age and the difficulty of saying goodbye to your life long wife.

Again, it comes down to a wonderful script, which is no surprise for Pixar.

What makes this film so great is it delivers to the young and old alike.

It has a far more human feeling, like getting caught up in the story by being a part of it.

It's 3-D adventure and high-flying fun as 78-year-old Carl decides to go on the trip of a lifetime.

It's a cliffhanger, complete with soaring houses, talking dogs, zeppelins, exotic birds, and a literal dogfight.

Pixar scores again with this animated tale of what life is really about.

Pixar's latest animated film, Up, is not quite as excellent as last year's Wall-e, but it is a firm, dependable, and in some ways new style of fantasy adventure.

It stirs up comedy, action, and drama into a complete total, a satisfying picture that is most likely to please all but the most ill-tempered souls.

There are some great times in the movie, and it may be the most humorous thing Pixar has done in a long time.

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