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When I saw the trailer of Unfaithful, I thought it revealed the entire plot; boy, was I wrong. In reality it shows nothing.

It's really two movies, one half about the affair, and the other half about what happens when the husband finds out.

This is a change of pace for Richard Gere, and his best performance ever for me.

This is Diane Lane's picture all the way, and then some.

This movie explores hot, steamy sex, guilt, anger and the breaking point for husband and wife. You can almost feel the heat.

Diane Lane's performance stands out in Unfaithful, an erotic/thriller that worked great as a French film, but is questionable as an American remake.

Hot and steamy, it has everything you'd expect from a film about infidelity, but American ethics change the ending, leaving it up in the air, as to what really happens.

Unfaithful is a seductive study of sex and its consequences. It becomes a story of adultery gone bad, a complete tragic disaster about an ordinary woman who deceives the family she loves in order to indulge in a sexual fling with a younger man.

The play of lust, romance, shame, and guilt on the mom's face is the movie's real story. It's heavy and intense adult entertainment.

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