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I'm not going into the story, because it's too unbelievable and silly to explain, not to mention a waste of time.

It's nothing more than a dumb anti-thriller with paper-thin characters, and if you don't doze off, you'll figure out the plot in about the second scene.

There was actual laughing during the climactic ending--need I say more?

The best part of this film was the beautiful backdrop of San Francisco, and its surroundings.

Twisted is the perfect title for this illogical tale of a serial killer and the police inspector on the case . . . or is it?

She has frequent blackouts . . . or does she?

Everyone she encounters ends up dead . . . or do they?

And the red herrings pile up faster than the bodies. It's hard to know who to root for in this neo-noir erotic thriller--especially since none of it makes sense . . . or does it?

Twisted is a by-the-numbers serial killer movie that is unable to produce any tension or momentum from the predictable and repetitive story.

It's a disappointment from start to finish.

There's plenty of atmosphere and some nice camera work in this film, but those things don't begin to fill the gap left behind by the hollowness of the awful writing.

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