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21 is based on the book Bringing Down the House.

It's all about card counting -- a skill gamblers use to increase their chances playing card games.

In the mid 1990s, six students at MIT join an undercover blackjack team run by a mathematics professor.

The team heads for Vegas on the weekends, where they rake in millions in cash and live the life of luxury.

Hollywood added a scam twist in this not-so-true story, plus a love story romance, making for a much more interesting and entertaining film.

It did hold my attention throughout.

Loosely based on a fact, this retelling of a group of MIT students who count cards in order to win millions is predictable, cliched, and uninteresting.

Don't be dazzled by the neon lights; it plays more like a heist film than the "true story" it is supposed to be based on.

Entertaining, but only if you have low expectations.

The best-selling book called Bringing Down the House is the source material for the movie 21.

I liked the first hour of the film that relates to events that actually happened, which revolves around a group of college students who devised a card-counting scheme that allowed them to strip many Las Vegas casinos of some of their money.

I didn't like the fictionalized part of the story; it became complicated in ways that are hard to believe and didn't make much common sense, in my view.

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