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My reason to see Jackie Chan movies is to watch him do his own human acrobatics.

This film clearly shows wire work and other visual effects, so why even have Chan?

As usual the plot is beside the point, Chan has always pulled it off with his talent and humor, but not this time for me.

If you are a real fan, you may like it, otherwise don't buy The Tuxedo, rent it.


This movie has little going for it and everything against it.

Jackie Chan fans will be disappointed by his trademark moves speeded up to accommodate the rather dismal plot of yet another madman trying to take over the world.

Jennifer Love Hewitt proves that it takes more than oomph to act, with zero chemistry between her and the star.

The plot is a throwaway, but so is the movie thanks to stupid effects, bad editing, and a director who doesn't take advantage of the talented stars in front of the camera.

Bad from start to finish.

Jackie Chan is a veteran star of 80 action movies. He has, for over 40 years, been smashing box office records and many of his bones with his trademark stunts and loose, invented-on-the-fly style.

In The Tuxedo, Chan departs from his time-tested physical do-it-yourself approach and tries the Hollywood way of special effects. In my view, not even the star's magical outfit can save this lame spy spoof.

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