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Without totally whining about the things in this film that bothered me, like it being about 30 minutes too long, I found it pretty decent overall.

It certainly was an outstanding production, and costume design, with action sequences that were second to none.

Brad Pitt, and Eric Bana held their own in a convincing way, with solid performances by both.

One thing is for sure; there are plenty of battle scenes for the men, and Pitts for the ladies.

Tipping his directorial hat to the sword and sandal films of yesteryear, Wolfgang Petersen's overlong epic about "the face that launched a thousand ships" relies heavily on computer effects.

It's loosely based on Homer's Iliad (without those pesky gods).

Brad Pitt leads a CGI army to destroy Troy, and save Helen from a fate worse than death.

Overlong, overworked, and pretty dull.

The movie Troy is a historically loosely based epic tale.

It's a story of men alone, and not of men and gods. It keeps most of the places and names, but takes a lot of what could be called artistic license.

The picture is full of majestic battle scenes, with awe-inspiring special effects.

Despite its many faults, I was entertained more often than not with this summer blockbuster.

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