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Although it may not be a movie for everyone, Tropic Thunder serves up some fine parody and performances, especially the visceral imagery now prevalent in modern war films.

But it's Robert Downey, Jr. as an Australian actor unable to break character while playing an African-American soldier that makes it great comedy -- uneven, but very, very funny at times.

Tropic Thunder is a wild story about a big-budget war movie gone horribly wrong.

This action comedy looks at the misadventures of a group of self-absorbed prima donna actors who, while attempting to film a Vietnam jungle epic, mistakenly stumble into the middle of a real-life drug war that doesn't conform to the rules of on-location movie making.

The funny thing is they don't know it in the beginning.

The picture is raunchy, outspoken, and also involves a quick examination of art, fame, and the big business of Hollywood make-believe.

The flick pretty much desecrates everything that is sacred.

It also is offensive in many ways, especially in appearance and the disadvantaged.

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