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This movie isn't just about a transsexual and will be hard for many to get past that.

This is a humorous road trip movie that turns into a story about relationships and the bond that ties family together.

Real-life woman actress Felicity Huffman playing a man who wants to be a woman will convince you she's a man.

Huffman turns in an astonishing performance that you don't want to miss.

Felicity Huffman turns in a convincing portrait of a man about to go through the final stages of a sex-change operation.

And if that's not strange enough, throw in a teenage son he didn't know about and a cross-country road trip (how else are they going to get to know each other?).

A down-to-eatrh, bittersweet comedy of a man who wants to be a woman and learns a lot about humanity along the way.

The story is based on the director's real-life friendship with a transgendered woman. The movie is the result of several years' worth of research.

Even though a transsexual woman happens to be the main character, the film is in no way about transsexuality.

The set up for this picture sounds strange for the average movie-goer, but the actress does such an outstanding job to the role, it's hard to cling to any hang ups.

It's about her values os family, parenting, and growing up. She's lonely, scared, and uptight--trying to make her exterior fit her interior.

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