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This week's reviewed movie is:
Tower Heist




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Most of the Tower Heist is filmed at Trump Tower in New York City, where Alan Alda plays the bad guy whose crime make the pensions of the apartment buildings employees worthless.

Vowing to get back the money, apartment manager Josh (played by Ben Stiller) recruits a group of angry employees to steal back their own money, led by a local thief named Sly (played by Eddie Murphy).

The plot is far-fetched, but the star-studded cast makes it easy to root for and enjoy this revenge story which will override most of the nitpicking parts of the movie. 
Physics be damned!

Full of coincidences, unexplained subplots, and questionable accents, the down (and soon to be out) Tower employees turn to crime to solve their financial problems after one of the tenets misappropriates all of their retirement savings.

Fun, with some laugh-out-loud moments.

This clever, lightweight dramedy is just that -- lightweight.
The main point of the Tower Heist story is: a group of employees at a high-class highrise apartment complex decide to steal $20 million from one of the residents, a Bernie Madoff-like financial wizard who lost their pension funds in a Ponzi scheme.

The stealing from the rich element keeps things more timely and relevant to the current recession, but I thought the biggest letdown in this comic caper was how dumb the screenplay is.

The whole film is not well designed and the specifics are so thin that much of what happens toward the end makes little sense. 

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