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Remember the Titans




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Here's a really super feel-good movie. It looks at racial relations in the South in the early 1970s, and shows some of the situations of integration into the school systems.

This true story focuses on an all-white high school football team called "The Titans," with a new black head coach.

A much funnier story than I expected, and shows both sides of this very-well-put-together, well-balanced rewarding movie.

There's still hope!

What can you say about a sports movie that is "based on a true story" but is contrived, preachy, and totally predictable?

Well, in this case, surprisingly entertaining! A well-directed film with a fine ensemble cast that really has heart.

Heavy-handed, but solid entertainment that is well worth seeing.

Remember the Titans is an inspirational football sports movie.

This tale of school integration in Alexandria, Virginia in the 70s is about two men who unify their team and guide it into the state championship, bringing the town together in the process.

The picture is a slice of real life that has a broad-based appeal with many feel-good moments.

The whole idea is really about high school kids learning how to become men and women.

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