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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a real cloak and dagger film -- from a classic cold war novel about a British
secret intelligence agency called MI6 trying to find a Soviet spy at the highest level in the agency.

Those unfamiliar with the book (like myself) may have trouble following all the twists and connections
and will need to concentrate in order to keep up.

This spy thriller moves a little slow -- no James Bond
trickery or gadgets to fill in the blanks.

So watch and pay attention to the dialogue and enjoy the great
cinematography that gives this movie its feel and moods.
When telling a spy story, it doesn't hurt to have a smart script with well-written dialogue and a brilliant
cast -- and this one has both.

There's a mole in MI6, and George Smiley is just the man to ferret him out.

Superbly underplayed by Gary Oldman, this is a cold war tale of the other side of espionage.
Author John Le Carre classic hero, British super-spy George Smiley, is back on screen 30 years after
Alec Guinness' worthy part in two highly praised BBC miniseries.

This movie looks, sounds, and feels
precisely right.

The director is accurate to the general character or spirit, set by the espionage novel.

This spy film is well acted. The star, Gary Oldman gives an outstanding performance as the owlish,
bespectacled George, that gives us a character who is more emotional than his written counterpart, but
less cunning and brilliant.

He's a low-key chess master; a real snake in the grass looking for a mole.

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