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The Time Machine




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I think the Time Machine's biggest mistake is there is too many long, overly boring scenes to fall asleep through.

By the time the plot returns--who cares?

They changed the flavor of the original in favor of a love story. They lost the adventure and mystery of the 1960 version.

Let's blame it all on timing.

Half the fun is getting there.

Those of you looking for a modern remake of the H.G. Wells novel will be disappointed, as this is a new Time Machine, complete with up-to-date special effects, brilliant art direction, and a brand-new script.

However, the movie does degenerate into the typical man vs. monster genre, making for a strange but predictable ending.

Not a great film, but well above average.

The Time Machine doesn't seem to know where to go.

The two main time-travel sequences have great special effects and are amazing to watch, but the emotional buildup is wasted without a script to do them justice.

The film deviates from the H.G. Wells classic novel, and (in my view) that's a mistake.

The conclusion is anticlimactic and not satisfying. The movie makes no sense and falls apart in the end.

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