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Thor is a comic book adventure that delivers pretty much everything you could want -- injecting a large amount of humor, action, fantasy, romance, and intense family conflict without ever letting one element overwhelm the other.

Thankfully, not all of the story is really explained that much, making it nice. They just hand you a caped muscleman and his magic flying hammer up front and insist you accept.

Thor is worth seeing, and a huge amount of fun.

It's easily one of the better super-hero movies to watch.
Cast off and stripped of his powers by his father Odin, Thor is banished to Earth.

Meanwhile, his trickster brother Loki plots to take over the nine realms and make himself king.

Standard Norse mythology?

Kenneth Branagh's artistic direction helps take this "B-list" superhero and turn it into both a watchable and enjoyable film.

The god of thunder (and future Avenger) not only learns a lesson in humility, but also one of virtue, trust, and romance.
The movie Thor is a stirring, rousing action Superman-type blockbuster that is a somewhat lighthearted popcorn adventure about the strong young blond hammer-throwing god of thunder who made his Marvel start in 1962.

This fantasy tale is a kind of coming of age story.

Thor, the super-hero star, has his celestial world family problems, but he's working out his relationship with the rest of the world, as well as what his responsibility is to it.

In the end, the hero's confusion seems to be resolved.

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