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After viewing This Is It, you'll get a good look at Michael Jackson's rehearsal performance, letting you see him in his purest form.

If you just focus on his entertainment ability, I'd have to say he re-energized himself for the big comeback.

Even if you're a casual fan, it redeems him and offers a surprisingly human version of his flawed ability as a great talent.

This should help reclaim his legend.

Even if it wasn't Michael Jackson, this film is a brilliant insight into how it's done.

When you go to a concert, you never think about how much goes into the music, lighting, video, choreography, and special effects.

Yes, this is a rehearsal -- actually many rehearsals making up different songs to be staged.

And yes, that is Michael Jackson, a perfectionist trying to get it perfect.

It's a last glimpse of his genius in action and too bad really, because you can tell this was going to be a great concert.

This Is It is a movie about Michael Jackson rehearsing for a concert that never happened.

Kenny Ortega, the director of both the concert and now the picture had a main goal -- along with the rest of their team -- to celebrate Jackson's creative genius, and not to provide fodder for people's fascination with his death.

The flick feels like the half-complete experience that it is, a mere outline of the excitement that was to follow for his comeback.

The London concerts were conceived as a very grand series of onstage music videos, each with a huge, intricate set that at times involved digital projections, and each choreographed as a disco-inferno Broadway showstopper.

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