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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Lucky One




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


A troubled boy meets a complicated girl; only the boy is 25-year-old Marine sergeant just returned from three tours of duty in the middle east, and suffering from borderline post traumatic stress.

In the heat of battle, the sergeant found a photo lost by one of his fallen buddies but didn't know who the young lady.

He came to believe it was his guardian angel and was determined to find the mystery woman.

Some parts worked very well then rushed through the beginning and fails to establish a foundation for the seriousness of what happens later. As romantic dramas go.  
Scott Hicks' direction is one of the few things The Lucky One has going for it.

It's a cliched melodrama set in Louisiana from (yet, another) Nicholas Sparks novel.

This one is about how a photograph found in Afganistan saves a Marine's life.

Don't blame the actors or director, it's the screenplay that turns a simple premise into an excruciating two-hour travelogue.
This film is up until now, another love tale made suitable from an Nicholas Sparks novel.

The movie makes available long extended good chances for the stars to fall for each other.

The middle love story is well put together for what it is; it offers the needed amount of fantasy with just a little bit of realism.

It is a way to slip away for some escapism and enough heart to meet a date flick needs. 

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