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This week's reviewed movie is:
Terminator: Salvation




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


An army of terminator robots take over the Earth, kidnapping and killing most all humans in sight.

The survivors band together to form the resistance, fighting the iron machines in this summer blockbuster.

It's just plain fun to watch all this on the big screen with the sound turned up.

We know t's brainless, with little or no soul and pretty much what you'd expect from this fast-moving popcorn movie, which continues the Terminators franchise, man-vs.-machine series that began 25 years ago.

We're finally back to where it all started -- in the future.

Judgment day is over and the machines are in charge, doing their best to eliminate mankind.

Yes, the effects are great, but it's eye candy with no taste as the vision of our soon-to-be history takes us down a dark and moody path towards salvation.

It's CGI wrapped in a minimalist plot.

This fourth Terminator installment seems like a different type of movie, with a deviation and feel that differs when compared to what we have experienced from filmmakers in past Terminators.

The picture mostly does not move back and forth in time and stays grounded in 2018, and is like a futuristic war movie.

The first 60 minutes of Terminator: Salvation seem to be an unorganized, unconnected, rambling tale, but the final 50 minutes or so make up for the lack of what comes before.

The climax is huge, with nonstop, pulse-pounding, gripping action sequences and special effects that are top-notch.

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