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Many a mom may be running out of the theater with kids in hand once she realizes this is NOT a cute stuffed teddy bear kid's story.

Ted is loaded with off-colored R-rated, no-holds-barred humor.

It centers around the theme of a teddy bear Christmas present -- wishing it could talk and come alive.

A magic star gives this boy his wish and a new best friend life.

Ted worked for me, and it's easy to recommend.

I liked the new twist of an CGI teddy bear with real people.

If you hate Family Guy, then just skip it.
The power of an 8-year-old's Christmas wish is demonstrated with demented clarity by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlene (who also voices the titular character).

Dirty, raunchy, and downright hilarious, it's a one-joke idea that sustains the belly laughs.

Mark Wahlberg's fight scene alone is worth the price of admission.
Ted is an adult R-rated comedy, an imagined tale of a man-boy and his beloved childhood teddy bear.

He's a fantastical odd talking teddy who grows into a woman chasing, smoking, drinking, and swearing stuffed animal.

The film is more about the director's rash boldness than anything else.

The filmmaker is known mostly as the creator of the adult animated series Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show.

He is making his first venture into live action, and he doesn't pull any punches.

This flick is not for everyone, including myself.

It was simply too gross, and I lost interest in the story. 

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