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Team America: World Police




Gene the Barber

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This film will probably offend most people, but if you're wondering what the creators of South Park have put together, you could find it absolutely, incredibly funny.

Team America: World Police is exactly the kind of movie this country needs in an election year.

With a cast full of puppets, and a story that mocks big-budget action films, you can't help but laugh a lot, simply by watching puppets do everything you never expected to see a puppet do. And I mean everything.


Warning: this is not a puppet movie for children!

Taking a nod from Gary Anderson's "supermarionation," Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame) dive headfirst into the politically incorrect realm of adult puppet theater.

It's an action/adventure, comedy/drama, musical that skews everyone in its path, as Team America rids the world of terrorists by destroying most of it themselves.

Sophomoric, yet hilarious.

The unusualness and newness of the puppet film, Team America: World Police was a curiosity at first, but the novelty of this picture soon wore off.

I can't find any redeeming value to this all-marionette adventure about a global police force.

The only real laughs in this comedy are vulgar. (In my view)

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