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Takers is a gang of five sleek skilled L.A. bank robbers who do high-class yield work and then return to their penthouse for party time.

The big plan is a highly engineered robbery of an armored truck carrying 25 - 30 million bucks.

As you can see, there's some potential for some pretty good insane fun here, but they go overboard with the mega-zoom close-ups, quick edits, turkey-jerky camera work, and other visual flaws, making all the action sequences just hard to follow -- adding up to a very distressing formula.

Pretentious and corny, fun but forgettable, this film is a contradiction of itself.

It's Heat, it's The Italian Job, it's a GQ fashion shoot, it's one last armored car robbery. It's so full of itself that the biggest heist is the plot -- throwing in every cliche in the book.

The worst thing is that it's a crime drama you can't take seriously, thanks to bad writing and terrible editing.

In the end, it doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

The movie is about a sophisticated group of five bank robbers.

They specialize in high-tech elaborate schemes that involve big paydays.

The stylish, well-dressed team of thieves decide to do one last major job against a loaded armored car that created some very tense, solid action shoot-outs at a downtown traffic stop.

The film has some problems, but over all I enjoyed this fast-paced cops & robbers standard B-movie heist flick.

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