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Superbad is a sex comedy about teenagers that should be for adults only.

There are a few gags that take the cake, with some of the most digusting jokes ever recorded on film, and a few parts that are hard to watch.

Now for the kicker -- and after all that warning this could be what you've been waiting for -- it's a new fresh funky hilarious and down-right hysterical film that has a certain air of intelligence.

Remember, it's only a movie.
If you don't like raunchy high school coming of age comedies, then avoid this movie.

As gross-out comedies go, this one IS gross. I don't think that  there is one bodily fluid that  isn't mentioned.

However, Superbad is at the top of its game, with great character development, enough below-the-belt jokes to satisfy anyone's inner adolescent, and plenty of heart.

It's laugh-out-loud funny -- and raunchy, ranchy, raunchy.
The movie Superbad is a relatable adolescent coming-of-age foulmouthed sexmad comedy about three high school kids gone horny, and male friendship bonded by sexual anxiety.

It's the classic fantasy quest of geeky teen girl-crazy nerds.

This arrested development film did not work for me. It was just too raunchy in the hardware department, and its visual capabilities were overdrawn, in my view.

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