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The Perfect Storm




Gene the Barber

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The cast in The Perfect Storm are introduced quickly to establish conflict and personality for their characters.

It seems they play second fiddle to getting down to the business of making an epic monstrous disaster film. which makes for a first-rate adventure flick that keeps you on the edge once it starts.

It delivers an awesome realistic storm, and puts you right in the thick of it. You almost feel the rain, wind, and waves; the mother of all sea storms.

The Perfect Storm is far from perfect. Playing like a 70s disaster flick, with WAY too much emphasis on special effects, it is a good story about men and the sea that is lost with wooden performances, inane dialog, and, yes, the perfect storm.

Another example of a great book turned into an average movie-going experience.

The Perfect Storm is two terrifying Force 12 weather fronts coming together with Hurricane Grace off the coast of Newfoundland.

This storm of the century is the biggest on record and took place in October 1991. The computer imaging creates amazing realistic gale-force winds of 120 mph and waves as high as a 10-story building.

This film is based on a true story. The movie presents the fishermen's ordeal as a noble crusade of brute physical exertion, when--in reality--fear would have been the dominating factor.

But I think the special effects are worth the price of admission.l

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