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This week's reviewed movie is:
Step Brothers




Gene the Barber

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Gordie the Barber


Step Brothers could be the stupidest film this year, and yet I'd be lying if I told you the movie didn't make me laugh.

As much as I wanted to hate this movie outright, I can't all the way.

It's a shame, because the simple concept of a pair of 40-year-olds living like 12-year-olds could be some really funny stuff.

My warning for you is there's more four-letter words than there is laughs, so just for the laughs: scissors sideways.

It's adolescent humor in an adult vein as Step Brothers uses crude, rude, and downright dirty humor to convince us that it is a comedy.

Although it has some laugh-out-loud funny moments, its pacing makes it come off more like a series of T.V. skits rather than a full-blown big-screen production.

But like most comedies, it really depends on your mood.

Step Brothers is an adult arrested development comedy about two 40-year-old characters who are little boys trapped in men's bodies.

Mentally and emotionally they are both goofed up, and that's pretty much the whole movie -- two grown men acting like mischievous, vulgar kids.

The idea is amusing, but after 95 minutes of rude, crude, and profane humor, these two childish and foolish characters becoming annoying, in my view.

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